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The BA is delighted to be working with Egmont Publishing on a new bookshop Pilot Project - the Egmont Eager Readers Project.  The Eager Readers Project is part of the wider BA’s Diversity and Inclusiveness agenda and is designed to run as a six week summer reading project with families who are reluctant, or unaccustomed, to reading.  The intention is to encourage reading through intervention, bringing the reading habit - and the reading for pleasure bug – to families and children. 

The Pilot Project will allow eight bookshops to work with up to six families each over this summer holiday.

The genesis of this project, which was presented at last year’s BA Conference, is the Egmont research into children’s reading for pleasure and their insights into how to address the barriers to reading and book buying.  Egmont has shared this inspiring research with booksellers and the BA at events and seminars, so that members can draw upon the insights and apply them in-store.  With children’s reading for pleasure in decline, fewer children are learning the joy of books; we want to counter that and encourage more children to read for pleasure. 

There are many reasons for this decline, including not being read to, screen time, having homework from a young age, attending after school clubs, and the school curriculum making children feel reading is a subject to learn rather than something to do for enjoyment.  However, we know that reading to children with no agenda other than pure enjoyment has an enormously positive impact on their desire to read independently. 

Running your own Egmont Eager Readers Project is a great way to both make a difference and promote your business locally, and we really hope you will apply to be part of the Egmont Eager Readers Pilot Project.  

Further information on the project can be found below:
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The benefits of children reading for pleasure by Alison David

To apply to be part of the Pilot Project, email with Egmont Eager Readers Pilot in the subject line, and detail in no more than 250 words why your bookshop should be part of the pilot, and how you would engage your reading families. The deadline for applications is Tuesday 30th April.