The Booksellers Association of the United Kingdom & Ireland Limited

Green Bookselling Task Force
 The BA launched its Green Bookselling Task Force in 2018, to keep a watching brief on what bookshops can   do to be environmentally responsible and what efficiencies could be brought to the supply chain to reduce   waste.
 A survey of members revealed that: 
  •  • 19.3% have switched to a green energy supplier
  •  • 12.3% measure the carbon footprint of their suppliers
  •  • 13% are supplied with green credentials of their suppliers
  •  • 67.9% of booksellers have switched to local suppliers where feasible
  •  • 42.9% have reviewed stationery purchases to source from renewable sources
  •  • 63.2% have reviewed how they send things out to customers, including packing materials
  •  • 56.4% use eco-friendly cleaning and other materials
  •  • 33.3% let their customers know about their green activities
  •  • 59.1% receive unsolicited marketing materials from publishers
  •  • 85.0% would like to choose what they receive
  •  • 56.8% receive unsolicited proofs
  •  • 79.4% would like to choose what they receive

Green Bookselling Manifesto

Green Manifesto
The Task Force has created at Green Bookselling Manifesto, and intends to produce a Guide to Creating a Green Bookshop.
We also plan to lobby the wider trade on green and environmental issues, and the manifesto is the first step on that journey.
Here you can download the Green Bookselling Manifesto, our latest press release and our Bookselling Green Pledge logo.
The BA will be running Green Bookselling seminars at London Book Fair and the BA Conferences as well as sending advice and recommendations to members.
If you have any questions about the results of the Green Bookselling Survey, do email