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Guidance for Dealing with Difficult Customers

Guidance for Dealing with Difficult Customers   
We’ve been hearing very troubling reports from several bookshops in the UK and Ireland about abuse and attacks coming from customers and members of the public in response to window displays featuring titles which have aggrieved passers-by.
The BA will be hosting a Zoom call for any affected members, and this will take place at 4.30pm to 5pm this Wednesday, 28th June.

We are also gathering information from various sources and will be able to share this in more detail on Wednesday.

For now, here are some documents you may find useful in dealing with certain challenging situations in the workplace.

Dealing with Difficult Customers
Potentially Controversial Author Events
Dealing with Racially-Motivated Abuse in a Bookshop
Stay Safe at Work Guide
Dealing with Email Harrassment