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The Readers’ Room by Antoine Laurain announced as Fiction Book of the Month for October

The Reader's Room

The Booksellers Association has announced The Readers’ Room by Antoine Laurain as its Fiction Book of the Month for October.  

From the bestselling author of The Red Notebook and The President’s Hat, The Reader’s Room follows Violaine Lepage, a Parisian editor who publishes a hit crime novel sent to her by the mysterious debut author Camille Desencres. As Camille stops answering emails, and the police begin investigating a series of murders reminiscent of those in the novel, Violaine sets out to find answers, although recent memory loss makes her wonder what role she may have played in the story. The Reader’s Room is published by Gallic Books and is available in bookshops now. 

Author Antoine Laurain commented on the book’s selection, “In the space of a few lines, I’d like to pay tribute to the work of independent booksellers. Since I began writing novels, I’ve travelled a lot to promote them around France and in the UK, the USA, Germany, Italy, South Korea... I remember each and every bookseller I’ve met. I remember their names and faces. I remember book signing evenings with readers and our dinners afterwards. Often, I would fly off the next morning to another town, another independent bookshop. All the indie booksellers I’ve met have been fantastic people who do a huge amount for books. They have such belief, such a love of literature and shared experience – the same sense of energy which drives us writers to finish our books. Writers and independent booksellers are a team. We walk hand in hand. I hold a special place in my heart for all the booksellers I’ve crossed paths with, and for those I’m yet to meet. Thank you, my friends! Let’s continue on this journey together – it’s a good one."  

Amy Vale, bookseller at Book-ish said, “Intriguing, charming and very bookish, The Reader's Room is perfect for fans of cosy mysteries.”

Independent bookshops around the UK and Ireland will be promoting The Reader’s Room throughout October. The Booksellers Association will also support the promotion of the Fiction Book of the Month through social media and the provision of promotional material.