The Booksellers Association of the United Kingdom & Ireland Limited

The Indie eBook Shop

The Indie eBook shop has been built specifically to enable BA members to provide an eBook option to their customers, and to give booksellers
the opportunity to participate in the eBook market.
  • Offers a viable ‘shop local/independent’ route to the growing number of customers with eReaders, smartphones and tablets who still value their
local bookseller.
  • Over 500,00 eBooks available – including agency titles
  • An appealing website offering booksellers recommendations
  • It enables booksellers to give customers an eBook Solution, with no-risk
and no-hassle
 The Indie eBook Shop 
eBook services works online and in store:
eBook Affiliate Programme
The affiliate programme is designed to provide a really simple way of buying eBooks from local bookshops.
  • Once registered you will be sent a unique link with instructions on how to add it to your website or email
  • Earn sales commission from your website, emails and blogs
eBooks In store
This provides booksellers with the option to sell eBooks in store so you can help with the title selection and recommendation
  • You set up an account on the Indie eBook shop website in your bookshop name, following the link provided in the welcome email
  • When a customer buys an eBook from you, simply add their email address in the checkout as you pay
  • They will be sent a link to download their eBook and your Book Tokens account will be credited with sales commission*
National Book Tokens Gift Cards
All National Book Token Gift Cards can be used on
to purchase eBooks or to purchase physical books in store.
For more information about the eBook Gift Card or how you can register
and participate in the eBook market.
Uzo Onuora, Customer Relationship Manager,
T. 020 7421 4654 or visit
*Please see terms and conditions for further details.
Visit the indie eBook shop