The Booksellers Association of the United Kingdom & Ireland Limited

The BA has negotiated a wide range of money saving offers and affinity deals for BA members.

Taken together, the savings you make on these services alone can even outweigh your annual subscription. These BA-negotiated affinity deals can save you hassle and time,as well as money.In addition, the BA is on hand to give you support if you need help with your relationship at any point.  For further details, or help please contact Pippa Halpin or Meryl Halls.


Business Support Helpline - Help When You Need It; FREE for BA Members

The BA's Business Support Helpline is a FREE service provided on behalf of the BA by Croner Consulting. Booksellers can call free an unlimited number of times for help on health & safetey, tax, customs & excise, employment legislation and other business-related legislation. Croner is staffed by highly qualified legal professionals and the time and money saved by using the BSH can be considerable. Booksellers who have used the service have been impressed and delighted by the Helpline. 

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NetGalley - FREE Digital Proofs for BA Members

The BA has teamed up with NetGalley to offer quicker access for UK booksellers to digital proofs from over 50 UK publishers, from the biggest - Bonnier, Hachette, HarperCollins, Penguin Random House and Pan Macmillan - to the most respected and influential independents. The goal is to give individual booksellers the ability to discover a wide range of new titles and authors, boosting their knowledge and driving discovery and sales on the shop floor.
Using the service is easy. Simply go to and sign up as a bookseller. In your profile, enter your GLN and you will receive a prominent BA logo badge on your profile. This will allow publishers to identify you as BA members, and prioritise your requests to read titles.

Many booksellers love traditional proofs but, increasingly physical proofs are available in limited quantity or for top titles only. Digital proofs mean a wider range is available for BA members, and there is no limit in the number that can be distributed - which means no more squabbling over the solitary proof sent to your bookshop.

BA Contact: Meryl Halls, T. 020 7421 4692, E.

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Lloyds Bank Cardnet members' deals - Credit & Debit Card Rates

Lloyds Bank Cardnet offers BA members extremely competitive prices on merchant rates for credit and debit cards, and for most booksellers, the rates are much better than they would be able to secure without the BA scheme. 

For more information on current rates, contact: If you're already a BA Member, please log in here for  Lloyds contact details.

Parcel Rates

BA members are entitled to discounts on parcel rates from FedEx - cutting substantial amounts off the standard rates and saving booksellers money. Rates cards are available from the Membership Department. If you would like to set up an account with FedEx, please contact the BA and we will put you in touch.

Yodel Direct
BA members are also able to secure VIP discount rates from Yodel Direct using the Yodel Direct service, which allows booksellers to go online and arrange delivery. You then print off the labels produced; there's no need to set up an account or phone a call centre to arrange collection. To obtain the correct information, contact the BA Membership Department and we will ensure the suppliers contact you.

Pensions - Be prepared for Auto Enrolment Pensions

The BA is helping members get prepared for Auto Enrolment by working with our colleagues in other retail industries through the Independent Retailers Confederation (IRC) - we have appointed a supplier to help with advice and help on setting up a pension scheme for members - and also to advise owners on their pension provision.

St. James's Place Wealth Management is one of the leading wealth management organisations in the UK with a national network of advisers. Using their experience, they offer businesses and individuals a wealth management service, incorporating pension advice. The advice is face-to-face and tailored to your business or personal objectives.

  • Complimentary initial consultation
  • Face-to-face advice
  • Impartial advice
  • Advice is guaranteed by St. James's Place when recommending any products or services provided by the St. James's Place Group
  • Charges may apply for the provision of a pension scheme using St James's Place Group - always check what charges apply before confirming

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Private Healthcare Partnership (PHP) offers BA members special rates on private healthcare, an option for Patient Choice, which offers booksellers the chance for reduced-price, targeted and affordable healthcare without breaking the bank.

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Premier BusinessCare (PBC) is the BA's appointed insurance broker, offering exclusive and tailored insurance solutions to BA members for over 15 years. Working with one of the UK's leading insurers, Hiscox, PBC is able to offer members a bespoke insurance policy developed in conjunction with the BA and a product only available to BA members. Booksellers who have used PBC have found them responsive and helpful in a crisis, and the BA can assist in connecting you to the broker, giving you extra peace of mind. 

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Premier BusinessCare is a trading name of Allianz Business Services Limited, registered in England and Wales under company number 4521167. Office: 57 Ladymead, Guildford, Surrey, GU1 1DB. Allianz Business Services Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, register no: 304779 and is covered by the Financial Ombudsman Service.


Utilities Audit

It's never been more important to check what you pay for your utilities, and the BA's utilities broker, LSI, is well placed to help booksellers reduce their energy and telecoms costs. LSI will undertake a FREE audit of your energy cost, at no obligation to you. This can save you huge amounts of time, and ultimately substantial amounts of money. 

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Cotton, Carrier & Paper Bags 

A popular range of Books Are My Bag cotton, plastic recycled carrier and brown kraft recycled bags is available featuring the Books Are My Bag slogan. Please contact us for further details or an order form.

Sue Vickers, T. 020 7421 4687


The Bookseller Subscription

The Bookseller has an open offer to BA members of a 15% discount on all subscriptions. This is also available to our Irish members at the same cost as the UK.

A subscription to The Bookseller includes the weekly magazine delivered to your door, biannual Buyer's Guides, unlimited online access to, the e-edition of the weekly Bookseller magazine, the digital version of the biannual Buyer's Guides, daily email alerts, job emails, weekly book charts, book previews, plus exclusive e-book charts. You also receive discounts to The Bookseller Awards, conference and events. The e-edition of The Bookseller can be read on your desktop, iPad, smartphone or Android device via an app from the Apple iTunes store or Google Play store. 

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Display Materials - Special BA Members' Price from Pennant

BA members can obtain special members' prices on the Bookshop Basics range of acrylic display holders from Pennant. Items range from book easels, display cubes and leaflet holders to specially-designed book holders for multiple copies. 

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BA Music Store: Making music mean business

The BA Music Store is a royalty-free in-store music service for booksellers, giving you all the benefits of playing music but without the need to purchase a Performing Rights Society (PRS) and Phonographic Ltd (PPL) License.

How does the BA Music Store work?
The BA has teamed up with Amazing Instore to offer you four product options, giving you a choice of over 100,000 high quality songs, from all genres of music plus the option to include bespoke in-store messaging. BA members benefit from a 15% discount on list prices.

What are the benefits of the BA Music Store for you and your bookshop?
BA members benefit from a 15% discount on list price. No PRS, no PPL, no problem. Never worry about purchasing a PRS or PPL license again, you will be exempt. When you sign up to the BA Music Store, you may be eligible for a refund on your PRS license already purchased. Music is high quality and is updated at least monthly, meaning you and your customers experience a wide variety of music. Expert technical support from Amazing Instore on all their products and services.

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Point of Sale

The BA produces a range of Books Are My Bag and IndieBound Point of Sale items for occasions and events, as diverse as Mother's Day and Father's Day, Easter, Valentine's Day and Christmas to National Poetry Day and Roald Dahl Day. The Point of Sale is available to download from and 

Meryl Halls, Head of Membership Services, T. 020 7421 4692,

Preferential rates on AbeBooks for BA Members

AbeBooks offer BA members a premium package, with a free two-month trial period, a dedicated account manager and BA branding on the Abe website, helping you stand out from the crowd online. 

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