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Confidential – Annual Book Turnover of Business

This information is essential for our assessment of your BA Subscription, The membership year runs from January to December and booksellers joining partway through the membership year will be charged pro rata. The turnover you supply should be for your bookselling business as a whole, and should be the most recent figures available. An estimate of turnover can be provided if no actual figures are available.

Please indicate below your annual turnover in books for the business as a whole, including remainder, promotional and bargain book, e-books, and online sales, secondhand and antiquarian books BUT NOT non-book product.


This information is essential for our assessment of your BA subscription

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Membership of the BA Special Interest Groups is free and unlimited.

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Data Protection

Once your membership has been approved, details of your business will be used by BA Group Companies (BA, National Book Tokens, Batch) to inform you of products and services to which you are entitled under your membership.

From time to time we would also like to send you further marketing messages relevant to your business from the BA Group of Companies.

If you would like to receive these, please tick here.

As an added value service to your membership, from time to time we negotiate discounts and approve specials benefits provided by other companies who supply products and services which we think might interest you. If you wish to receive these offers directly from these reputable companies, please tick here.

We also make mailing data available to other suppliers who may wish to provide products and services to you.

One of the ways we promote BA members to the general public is by sharing photos of members taking part in our various national campaigns. These photos may be obtained via social media or when members email them to us directly. In order to promote members to the general public, we may share these photos on social media or may use them in printed material, in which case the photos would be shared with third parties such as printers, designers, booksellers and publishers. If you are happy for photos of you and your staff to be used by the BA to promote your business in this way, please tick here.

We will use any personal data in accordance with our Privacy Policy and you can review your privacy preferences on the BA website at any point.

If you are happy for us to do so, we will opt you in to participate in (for UK members) Independent Bookshop Week and Bookshop Day or (for ROI members) Irish Book Week.

Please tick here if you are happy to be opted in. Participation in all other BA-led campaigns will be at your own discretion. For more details of these campaigns, please contact Emma Bradshaw .

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We hereby confirm that all our answers are a true record and that all information is accurate to the best of our knowledge.

In the event of a breach of the undertakings to this form or the information given proving to have been inaccurate, we understand that the Council has the power to remove a bookseller from membership.

We undertake to abide by the Memorandum & Articles of Association of the Booksellers Association of the United Kingdom & Ireland Ltd.
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