The Booksellers Association of the United Kingdom & Ireland Limited

Great background music, no licence needed

The BA Music Store is a licence-exempt in-store music service for booksellers, giving you all the benefits of playing music but without the need to purchase The Music Licence (formerly PRS/PPL).

BA members benefit from a 15% discount off the fixed prices.

How does the BA Music Store work?
The BA has teamed up with Imagesound to offer you two product options: Amazing Boom Box and Amazing Music Box.

With both product options, you have access to over 100,000 high quality songs, from many genres of music, with 200 tracks in each playlist.

The playlists are constantly updated, with 5-10% of the tracks changed every couple of weeks: each playlist is carefully curated by Imagesound.

You simply select the playlist you want.

1. Amazing Boom Box
- Two linked speakers, with a port for an SD card, and a power supply
- This product is beautifully simple:  there is no need for an internet connection, and no need for an amplifier or additional speakers
- Imagesound provide you with PC software so you can update the music on the SD card: you simply remove the SD card from the speakers, put it in your PC and manually upload the new  playlist you want
- This product has been particularly popular with BA members
- Fixed price of £17+VAT/month (including BA member 15% discount)

2. Amazing Music Box
- A managed, online device that connects to your own amplifier and speakers
- You do need your own amp, speakers and have a wired internet connection available, so that the Music Box will automatically pick up Imagesound updates, with no need to manually update the playlists
- Fixed price of £17+VAT/month (including BA member 15% discount)
What are the benefits of the BA Music Store for you and your bookshop?
Imagesound music is high quality, regularly updated and exempt from The Music Licence. Never worry about purchasing the Music Licence again.

BA members benefit from a 15% discount and receive expert technical support from Imagesound on all their products and services.

If you're already a BA Member, please log in here for contact details.