The Booksellers Association of the United Kingdom & Ireland Limited
Want to get your book stocked in a high street bookshop? is a guide written by experienced bookseller Sheila O'Reilly and produced by the Booksellers Association with tips and advice from high street booksellers to help authors get their book stocked in a bookshop. 

Primarily aimed at independent authors, the guide also offers ideas and tips for authors published by a mainstream publisher.

" This new guide from The Booksellers Association is an excellent resource for any author who has ever wondered what more they could do to encourage bookshops to stock their work. Although written primarily for authors whose works are self or independently published – writers who have long debated the best approach to get their work into bricks and mortar shops - it should be every bit as useful for traditionally published authors too. At a time when authors of all types are playing an increasingly prominent role in promoting their books, it is reassuring that booksellers are looking at this in the most common sense way, as a ‘team effort between an author, a publisher and a bookseller’." - Nicola Solomon, Society of Authors

"Despite the many one-way tips above, getting a book into a reader’s hands is very much a team effort between an author, a publisher and a bookseller." - Sheila O'Reilly, Village Books, Dulwich

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