The Booksellers Association of the United Kingdom & Ireland Limited

The BA pays for booksellers to have membership of ENEI - the Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion – as part of our ongoing diversity and inclusiveness agenda and work.
The ENEI is a not-for-profit, and the leading employer network (with over 300 members) promoting equality and inclusion in the workplace, whose role is to influence government, assist business and trade unions, and campaign for real practical change. 
ENEI’s vision is for organisations and people to prosper by valuing difference in the workplace and it aims to work in partnership with all its members to set the recognised standard for best practice.
BA membership of ENEI is being used for the staff and management of the BA, organising diversity workshops and advising on activities and initiatives to improve diversity and inclusion in bookselling, and some of the resources are also available to BA members.  Some are free, and some are paid for. 
Here is a taste of what ENEI offer:
  • - Provide quality advice, benchmarking, training, events and servicesPeople having fun together
  • - Support employers to develop pragmatic and innovative solutions
  • - Offer access to legal advice throughout the employment cycle
  • - Deliver research-led training and consultancy services
  • - Publish cutting-edge research and running engaging campaigns
  • - Facilitate thought leadership to engage, lobby and influence key opinion formers
Activities which the BA and its members can benefit from include:
  • - Advising UK government on equality and inclusion related policy issues
  • - Representing the views of employers
  • - Supporting our members in creating inclusive workplaces
  • - Challenging the status quo by presenting real alternatives
  • - Highlighting the pros and cons of new employment laws
  • - Developing campaigns against discrimination
You can visit ENEI to see their services at

BA Contact: Kate Gunning, T. 020 7421 4692, E.