The Booksellers Association of the United Kingdom & Ireland Limited
BookstoreLogoSmall.png is an online bookselling platform specifically designed for the benefit of independent bookshops. The platform launched in the UK market in Autumn 2020.
BA members who are independent bricks and mortar bookshops, based in the UK, can become Bookshop Affiliates with, earning 30% of each book sale – this is an exclusive BA member benefit.
It is free for BA members to become Bookshop Affiliates. Here are just some of the benefits of being a Bookshop Affiliate:
•    You will earn 30% (the entire profit margin) of the cover price of any sales you generate (by sharing links to your Bookshop Affiliate page via your social media, newsletters and website)

•    It saves you the work of keeping an online inventory, picking and packing, postage, and handling complaints and returns.
• allocate 10% of their regular sales to an ‘earnings pool’: every six months, you will earn an even split of this earnings pool, divided evenly amongst all Bookshop Affiliates.

•    You will be promoted to all customers near you: every email receipt a customer receives will have information about bookshops near them. If the customer opts in, you will also receive their email address for direct marketing.
•    You will be added to the Bookshop Finder Map, so that customers can easily find you.

•    You can create recommendation lists (staff picks, etc) on your Bookshop Affiliate page, as well as a bio and links to your social media profiles. offers UK independent bookshops the opportunity to operate online in a commercially viable way, with the heft and support of its pro-independent, anti-Amazon online platform. It has been described in the US as the "Rebel Alliance to Amazon’s Empire,” and was founded by CEO Andy Hunter to ‘help resource-strapped small bookstores with a simple, easy, and free method of competing with Amazon for online sales, while providing an alternative to Amazon's affiliate program which also supports independent bookstores.’ is a public benefit corporation, dedicated to the public good of supporting bookshops. It has generated over $15M USD for independent bookstores in the US since January 2020.
There is no financial or formal relationship between the BA and, although we provide advice to their team to ensure best serves the needs of the UK indie bookselling community. We welcome member feedback as the launch progresses.
Please click here for an explanatory brochure for and a bookseller FAQ document.
Contact the UK Bookshop Partnership Manager, Mark Thornton, to find out more or to sign up as a Bookshop Affiliate:
The UK Team
Nicole Vanderbilt, UK Managing Director for, has over 25 years’ experience in the consumer internet industry, most recently as VP, International at Etsy where she helped almost one million small, creative businesses sell over $1.5 bn online annually via Etsy's platform.
Mark Thornton is the UK Bookshop Partnership Manager. Having founded Mostly Books with his wife Nicki, he worked as a bookseller for 11 years, worked in retail technology for Vestcom, and also served as an independent bookshop mentor with the Unwin Charitable Trust.
Jasper Sutcliffe is Publisher and Affiliates Manager for the UK, bringing over 20 years of bookselling and book buying experience, most recently as Head of Buying at Foyles; Jasper was also a BA Advisory Council Member.
Justin Hernandez is UK Operations Manager, with a wealth of customer service experience in ecommerce and the online travel industry, with positions at Sonder, Rome2Rio and American Express.