The Booksellers Association of the United Kingdom & Ireland Limited
BookstoreLogoSmall.png is an online bookselling platform for independent bookshops. It also allows publishers, authors, media, and influencers to promote and sell books online that also support and benefit all independent bookshops.
BA members who are independent bricks and mortar bookshops, based in the UK, can become Bookshop Affiliates with, earning 30% of each book sale. This is an exclusive BA
member benefit.
It is free for BA members to become Bookshop Affiliates.
Being a Bookshop Affiliate means you will earn 30% commission on all sales you make calculated from the cover price. does everything, saving you the work of keeping an online inventory, picking and packing, postage, and handling customer queries, delivery issues and returns.
In addition, 10% of all other sales on the platform go into a shared bookshop pool, paid monthly to all bookshops on the platform.
Your Affiliate profile is managed through a single Storefront Page, where you can add information about your shop, provide links to social media accounts, and showcase recommendation lists (staff picks, etc) for customers to browse.
Customers discover your affiliate page, curated lists or recommended titles by following unique affiliate links you share through social media posts and profiles, your newsletter, website or a Linktree page. Customers also discover your bookshop through the Bookshop Map finder tool.
You are able to access and follow-up directly with new customers who buy through affiliated sales providing they give permission. There are additional tools and reports available through your Affiliate Dashboard. organises online events which booksellers can take part through book-as-ticket sales of titles either in their own shop or through their affiliate account. There are also occasional free shipping promotions, and a regular book of the month title with exclusive content to help independent bookshops sell titles both online and through their shop. is a certified public benefit corporation (B Corp) dedicated to the public good of supporting independent bookshops. Described as a “Rebel Alliance to Amazon’s Empire,” the goal is a platform that advocates for independent bookshops, helping to change the way publishers and authors sell online by making it easy to share buy links to benefit independents, and providing a convenient alternative to Amazon for customers who cannot visit your shop.
As of December 2022, independent bookshops in the UK have earned over £2.6m.
There is no financial or formal relationship between the BA and, although we provide advice to their team to ensure best serves the needs of the UK indie bookselling community.
Follow the links to read a FAQ for booksellers and a set-up guide for bookshops. Contact the UK Bookshop Partnership Manager, Mark Thornton, to find out more or to sign up as a Bookshop Affiliate: