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Connecting and building relationships with customers

A key marketing and community-building tool, social media is an extremely useful way to market your bookshop and connect with customers, and it's absolutely free! Nowadays, there are a lot of fantastic social media platforms available for businesses, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram - all of which are great ways to establish relationships and connect with both new and existing customers. 

"Twitter, Facebook and, increasingly Instagram, are huge weapons in the armoury of a 21st century bookshop. Daily we converse directly with customers via social media about books, event tickets and much more.  As well as those direct conversations there are huge benefits  in engaging with existing customers, potential customers and other social media users on all manner of different subject matters (often, but not always, bookish).  It also builds your relationship with all of those folk, introduces you to new fans and invariably opens doors in unexpected ways via an audience which is much broader than the one you can reach from your physical shop alone." - Nic Bottomley, Mr B's Emporium Of Reading Delights

The BA uses social media channels to communicate with members, and to promote bookshops to consumers. We have been increasingly using social media to extend the reach of our campaigning work, with Independent Bookshop Week, IndieBound and Books Are My Bag all being active across a range of platforms.
Bookshops can use these platforms to actively supportour work, reinforcing the campaign messages and link all their local events and offers to the nationwide BA campaigns.

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