The Booksellers Association of the United Kingdom & Ireland Limited
The BA’s specialist groups represent the interests of those selling within each sector, particularly in their relations with publishers, suppliers and other key organisation. They also act as sounding boards and knowledge centres for both booksellers and the wider trade.

The BA Children’s Bookselling Group is very active and represents the interests of those selling within this sector, especially in relations with publishers, suppliers and other key organisations. There are over 500 members signed up to the Children's Bookselling Group and the committee meet regularly throughout the year.

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Executive Committee 2023/2024

- Gill Edwards (Chair), The Little Ripon Bookshop
- Kirsty Woods (Vice Chair), Kibworth Books
- Vanessa Lewis, The Book Nook
- Nicola Lee, Children's Bookshop
- Sian Wadey, Booka Bookshop
- Polly Jaffe, Jaffe & Neale Bookshop & Café
- Libby Allman, Federation of Children’s Book Groups
- Annie Rhodes, Norfolk Children's Book Centre
- Katie Clapham, Storytellers Inc
- Sanchita Basu De Sarkar, Children’s Bookshop (Muswell Hill)
- Tony West, The Alligator’s Mouth
- Sarah Dennis, Mostly Books
- Will Smith, Sam Read Books
- Remony Hart, Kemptown Bookshop
- Jenny Eagles, Owl & Pyramid
- Liz Tye, Next Page Books
- Helen Tamblyn-Saville, Wonderland Bookshop


The Booksellers Association's Christian Booksellers Group is the largest of the Booksellers Association's specialist groups. It represents the views and concerns of Christian booksellers to publishers, suppliers and others and holds a watching brief on the trade.

Some 10% of the 4,300 retail outlets in membership of the BA belong to the Christian Booksellers Group, reflecting the
importance that Christian booksellers place on their work.

Christian bookselling is of a very specialist nature and differs considerably from the rest of the trade.

As a Christian bookseller you are serving God and financial reward may not be uppermost in your mind.

Your work may be constantly hampered by financial concerns.

Your own suppliers or bookclubs may well be making offers to the public which are detrimental to your trade.

The public may be reticent to enter premises which are too obviously Christian or even reticent to enter bookshops which do not reflect the current trends in high street bookselling.

Your mission as a Christian bookseller, together with the difficult circumstances in which you often operate, means you need the Christian Booksellers Group.

Information on the Group

Each year the Group's Annual General Meeting, to which all members are warmly invited, elects an Executive Committee to oversee the Group's work at some four meetings during the year. The Committee divides its responsibilities as follows and individual members of it would be glad to hear from you.

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Executive Committee 2023/2024

- Andrew Lacey (Chair), GLO Bookshop
- Angie Nelson (Vice Chair), Oasis Christian Centre
- Andi Bray, St Andrews Bookshop
- David Lock, Oasis
- Joy Dean, Soham Books
- Paul Taylor, The Triangle
- Barry Mockford, Canaan Christian Ministries
- Stephen Dundas, Faith Mission Distribution Centre
- Gillian Cairnie, John Ritchie Ltd
- Sarah Shewring, Cornerstone
- Gavin Harrison, Faith Mission Bookshops Scotland

The BA School Suppliers Group includes all members with an interest in school supply, whether they are solely School Suppliers or Bookshops with school supply business.

The group meet throughout the year with a strong emphasis on publisher-liaison.

The group aims to keep abreast of changes within the sector; in publishing, retail, delivery, schools’ strategy and buying practices, and government and LEA policy.

We also seek to actively represent the Academic Bookselling sector, working with the main academic booksellers through the BA Advisory Council and its agenda. If you have any queries about aspects of Academic Bookselling or wish an issue to be raised at the BA Advisory Council, please contact

Booksellers Network to Support Young and New Booksellers
A group for shop floor booksellers: the Booksellers Network, in partnership with HarperCollins and NetGalley.
Providing an ideas-sharing, professional development and networking opportunity for BA members, the Booksellers Network has been born out of feedback from shop floor booksellers and will help bring booksellers together from across the UK and Ireland.

Anyone interested in joining the Booksellers Network should contact Emma Bradshaw.

Keep up to date with the Network on Twitter @Booksellers_Nwk and Facebook