The Booksellers Association of the United Kingdom & Ireland Limited
The BA is pleased to be supporting the continuous publication of Booktime, the free magazine for booksellers to give to their book-loving customers. The magazine was originally produced by Bertrams: we have retained the same editorial and design team to ensure maximum continuity.

Free to consumers and stocked in independent bookshops, Booktime features author interviews, in-depth book reviews, book roundups, and quizzes. Booktime is an essential guide to the most anticipated books of the season, spanning adult’s and children’s titles.

View the magazine isssues below:

- Autumn 2020

- January/February 2021

- March/April 2021

- May/June 2021

- July/August 2021

- September/October 2021

- November/December 2021

- January/February 2022

- March/April 2022

- May/June 2022

- July/August 2022

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