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Bookshop Swaps

Fancy swapping bookshops?

Inspired by the success of our Shopfloor Publishers Project, where publishers have been out to work in bookshops to learn about life at the sharp end, we are now launching a new partnership project, Bookshop Swaps

How Does it Work?
Bookshop Swaps is the simplest idea in the world – you are paired with another bookseller, and you spend a day in each other’s bookshops, working alongside your fellow bookseller, learning how they do their returns, customer orders, book clubs, events management and meetings with reps – along with all the other daily tasks.

The idea behind Bookshop Swaps is to let booksellers experience how other bookshops work, and to then take the insights and ideas from that experience back to their shop and implement improvements and innovations.

All you need to do is to email with your name, bookshop location, contact details and no more than 100 words on what you’d hope to get out of a Bookshop Swap experience - this will help us match booksellers together. Then we will do the rest!